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Our services;
• Computer Networking, Repair and Maintenance
• PABX (Intercom) Installation and maintenance
• Electrical Installation
• Intruder alarm installation
• Power back-up systems (Solar & Inverter)
• Network optimization
• BTS Site installation and maintenance

Cabling products and services
The cabling for your voice and data network is crucial for clear and dependable phone calls and data transmission. Wanet Telecoms Ltd based on experience employs skill in Network cabling to minimize interference such as cross talk and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) in your network.

Network optimization, Wide & Local Area Network (WAN & LAN)

LAN (Local Area Network)
With LAN, people in your company can share files, printers and messaging using associated software. Your LAN also provides Internet access by providing everyone with simultaneous access to your Internet server. Wanet Telecoms Ltd provides expert assistance with whichever network you utilize to take your business to the next level by minimizing your costs on ICT while improving efficiency.

WAN (Wide Area Network)
With WAN, people in different regional/branch offices can share files and make intercom calls within the company private network that supports both voice and data hence saving on the company’s resources.

PBX / PABX (Intercom)
Wanet Telecoms Ltd supplies, installs and maintains PABXs for office internal voice communication. With a PABX you enjoy free internal office calls. Branch offices can be interconnected for free intercom calls. You can as well have and share several outside lines from different service providers connected to the PABX and customized to make calls using the cheaper network automatically. This is referred to as Automatic Route Selection (ARS) all aimed at minimizing costs for your business communication.

Intruder Alarm systems Installation
The security of any business and associated assets is crucial to its proprietors. Wanet Telecoms Ltd supplies and installs PIR-based sensor alarm systems designed to meet your specific business needs. There are alarms to monitor your business premises in secret modes and alert you of an intruder without scaring away the intruder. Alternatively, the sensor can be customized to trigger an alarm upon detecting an intruder. There are options for secretly monitoring your money-safe where the sensor triggers a phone dialer to call your mobile phone upon an attempt to tamper with the safe.

Electrical Installation
Whether it’s a fresh installation or upgrading an installation, our extensive experience with a vast array of electrical applications, allows our team to provide attention to detail while ensuring the best possible quality and system reliability.
Installation services include;
• Cable supply, installation and termination
• Complete electrical system install
• Electrical power protection and distribution installations

POWER BACK-UP SYSTEMS (Solar & Inverter)
When conditions interrupt power service, homes and offices can find themselves unable to run necessary/critical appliances and lights.
Emergency backup systems make it possible for homes and offices to have continued access to electrical service during power outages/load shedding.
The inverter/charger converts AC power from the grid to DC to charge the batteries. When power from the grid is lost, the inverter converts the DC battery power to AC for use in the homes and offices.